PE85 Transparent

Fascoat Xtra NG "A transparent, blown co-extruded polyethylene film with a print receptive top coating."

Basis Weight: 81 gsm +- 10%

Caliper: 0.085mm +- 10% 

Adhesive: A general purpose permanent, emulsion acrylic adhesive.

Minimum Application Temperature: 5o C

Service Temperature Range: -20o C to ~+ 80o C

Liner: A supercalendered glassine paper with excellent strength characteristics.

Basis Weight: 62 gsm +- 10%

Caliper: 0.053mm + -10%

Application and Use: Applications are predominantly in cosmetics and toiletries, requiring durability in end use with resistance to moisture and contents overspill, together with functional squeezability.Due to its flexibility the product is especially suitable for substrates like plastic bags, squeezable bottles and other flexible containers. The product can also be used for applications whereby PVC labels are not wanted for environmental reasons.