TT ( superior)

Fascoat Xtra NG "A specially-coated, extra white woodfree paper with an even smoother micro-absorbent surface structure. Designed for use in high quality thermal transfer printing."

Basis Weight: 62gsm +- 10%

Caliper: 0.066mm +- 10% 

Adhesive: A general-purpose permanent rubber based adhesive featuring high initial tack and ultimate bond strength.

Minimum Application Temperature: 5o C

Service Temperature Range: -20o C to ~+ 70o C

Liner: A bleached super calendared kraft liner featuring high internal strength.

Basis Weight: 60 gsm +- 10%

Caliper: 0.055mm +- 10%

Application and Use: This film is ultradestructable by delamination. This fragility associated with the high adhesive performance allows temper evidence characteristics to these labels. Preliminary testing on the substrate is necessary to confirm the right working of label.