Fasfilm Plus Clear

Fascoat Xtra NG "FASFILM PLUS CLEAR: A bi-axially oriented, glossy polypropylene film with a printreceptive coating."

Basis Weight: 0.050 mm ± 10%

Caliper: 45 mm + 10%

Adhesive: A highly aggressive permanent rubber based adhesive, specially engineered for difficult surfaces, such as textured substrates.

Minimum Application Temperature: -5o C

Service Temperature Range: - 40o C to + 70o C

Liner: A supercalendered glassine paper with excellent strength characteristics.

Basis Weight: 62 gsm + 10%

Caliper: 0.053mm +- 10%

Application and Use: Typical Applications include clear labels for difficult substrates with rough and textured surfaces like HDPE drums or PET containers.