2 Mil Clear BOPP

Fascoat Xtra NG "2 Mil Clear BOPP TC is a topcoated biaxially oriented, co-extruded polypropylene film with excellent clarity. The surface has been modified for improved ink adhesion. This product has excellent moisture resistance and good diecutting and dispensing characteristics. Printable by many web screen, UV letterpress, flexographic solvent and water-based inks. Use caution when applying inks out to the edge of the label, particularly UV screen inks and UV cured varnishes. High shrinkage coatings can cause labels to lift off the liner or substrate. In-house testing is always recommended prior to final ink selection"

Basis Weight: 


Adhesive: Permanent acrylic adhesive designed specifically for prime film beer and beverage label applications which require resistance to water. It is engineered to be applied in moist environments typically found in brewery (beer) applications. Maintains clarity even with extended exposure to ice water after the label has beenapplied to a dry surface.

Minimum Application Temperature: +25o F

Service Temperature Range: -40o F to +176o F (upper service temperature is facestock limitation for Clear BOPP)

Liner: A 0.92 mil clear polyester liner which is designed primarily for roll-to-roll, high-speed dispensing applications.

Basis Weight:

Caliper: 0.00094 inches ± 10%

Application and Use: