Fascoat Xtra NG "A smooth, white, semi gloss all purpose finished sheet with the characteristics necessary for die cutting and stripping"

Basis Weight: 80 gsm +- 10%

Caliper: 80 gsm +- 10%

Adhesive: A special permanent rubber based adhesive featuring high initial tack and excellent ultimate bond strength to a wide range of substrates.

Minimum Application Temperature: 5o C

Service Temperature Range: - 20o C to + 70o C

Liner: Two Layers of bleached super calendared kraft liner featuring high  internal strength.

Basis Weight: 62 gsm +- 10% (ISO 536) ( Two layers )

Caliper: 0.055mm + -10% Total Caliper = 110mic

Application and Use: Typical uses for a piggyback product include labels for applications requiring primary label and a secondary label for records. For example, courier packages, vaccination records, tracking labels for corrugated boxes.