White Chromo

Fascoat Xtra NG "A bright white one side machine coated semi gloss paper exhibiting excellent printing and converting properties"

Basis Weight: 75 gsm ± 10%

Caliper: 0.066mm ± 10%

Adhesive: A permanent rubber based adhesive featuring high initial tack and ultimate bond strength to a wide range of substrates.

Minimum Application Temperature: 7'C

Service Temperature Range: - 20o C to + 70o C

Liner: A bleached super calendared kraft liner featuring high internal strength.

Basis Weight: 60 gsm ± 10% (ISO 536)

Caliper: 0.055mm + 10%

Application and Use: Typical application includes labels for personal care products, Toiletries, household chemicals and other general purpose prime label applications.